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Rent out and manage your holiday home the easy way 

Renting out a holiday home can be a time-consuming challenge. In order to be successful, you need to be able to provide personal service to guests. And you need partnerships with service providers you can trust. Heidi Prime takes over from the time a holiday home is booked until your guests depart. It makes property management far simpler and more straightforward for you as the landlord – and it makes the whole process convenient and attractive for your guests.

«Arosa Tourism is delighted about the cooperation with HeidiPrime. HeidiPrime brings more existing flats into rental and thus strengthens regional value creation.»

Pascal Jenny, President Arosa Tourism

Does this feel familiar?

  • The property handover and inspection process is a challenge every time because you don’t live locally yourself? You’re looking for a trustworthy business partner to handle check-in and checkout, take care of administrative tasks and coordinate facility management?
  • You can’t always meet guests’ expectations in terms of personally being present and available, and you’d like a partner to handle the personal contact with your guests and to look after them and their needs?
  • You’d like to provide your guests with an all-inclusive package of services that goes beyond the traditional holiday home rental process and offers additional services such as catering, wellness and leisure activities via partnerships with trusted partners? Flexible, simple and bookable online?

With Heidi Prime, guest management is efficient, convenient and relaxed

Thanks to Heidi Prime’s digital platform, you can outsource the entire process, from check-in right through to checkout. Your guests will receive access to various services and activities that they can book online. As the landlord, you’ll choose the services you’d like to use and make available to your guests from the Heidi Prime online platform.

Your advantages

  • Heidi Prime digitises and simplifies rental management for your holiday home: no more stressful key handovers, office hours, responding to queries, organising facility management services, etc.
  • With the Heidi Prime online platform, you’ll always be able to keep track of the process. The renting-out process becomes an all-inclusive package – even if you own several properties.
  • By providing additional services, you will give your property added value and make it more attractive to your guests.
  • Heidi Prime allows you to rent out your holiday home more frequently.
  • Heidi Prime offers you a complete package of services.
  • Heidi Prime services are even useful for your own needs.
  • You only pay Heidi Prime for the services you use. The platform is free for your guests.


Heidi Prime offers you

  • a high level of service and quality
  • reliability
  • great value for money

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