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Direct bookings of our holiday flats


Rent out and manage your holiday home the easy way 

Renting out a vacation home can be time-consuming and takes effort. Therefore, HeidiPrime offers an exclusive full-service relieving apartment owners of expenses related to the marketing and management of the apartment.

«Arosa Tourism is delighted about the cooperation with HeidiPrime. HeidiPrime brings more existing flats into rental and thus strengthens regional value creation.»

Pascal Jenny, President Arosa Tourism

Does this sound familiar to you?

Registering an apartment with presentable photo and video documentation is very extensive and challenging?

Marketing an apartment on well-known booking platforms is very cost-intensive?

Answering questions from interested parties, managing the booking administration (inclusively collection) and constantly optimizing the apartment’s marketing are very time-consuming?

Handing over the apartment always demonstrates a challenge for you, because you do not live on site yourself?

Offering your guests an all-round service that goes beyond the classic vacation home rental offering  additional services such as catering, wellness and leisure activities in cooperation with a sovereign partner that is flexible, easy and digitally bookable is what you would like?

With Heidi Prime, guest management is efficient, convenient and relaxed

HeidiPrime markets your vacation home professionally and simplifies your guests' stay. HeidiPrime makes booking, onboarding, arrival, stay and check-out comfortable. HeidiPrime is free of charge for your guests. As the owner of the apartment you benefit from attractive conditions.

Your advantages

  • HeidiPrime registers your apartment and provides an attractive documentation with photos and videos
  • HeidiPrime markets your apartment on the HeidiPrime booking platform as well as on Airbnb (booking costs are included)
  • HeidiPrime takes care of the booking administration for you, including the collection of payments, and refunds the rental fee to you periodically
  • HeidiPrime updates the ongoing management of the booking platform for you (marketing optimization).
  • HeidiPrime digitalizes and simplifies the rental management of your vacation home: no stressful key handovers, attendance times, queries, facility management organization, etc.
  • HeidiPrime ensures you always have an up-to-date overview of the rental - even with several apartments
  • HeidiPrime enhances your vacation home thanks to additional services and makes it more attractive for your guests, which can also be interesting for your own needs
  • HeidiPrime allows you to rent out your apartment more frequently
  • HeidiPrime organizes the cleaning of the apartment for you, including a quality control
  • HeidiPrime is free of charge for your guests.

Heidi Prime offers you

  • High-level service and exquisite quality
  • Enhancement of your rental through HeidiPrime webapp’s attractive services
  • Reliability and professionalism
  • Strong price-performance ratio

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Heidi Prime AG
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